Welcome to Hackenthorpe Hall.

Dragonflies Playroom

Dragonflies room works with Ladybirds. In Dragonflies children begin the early processes of developing skills required for transition to School.

Again planning and activities are based around children’s interests. The continuous provision areas, allow for children to instantly feel at ease as they quickly familiarise themselves with the resources. The continuous provision, together with a varied structured program, including story-time and group- time, support children to further develop their listening and concentration skills.

Children are encouraged to develop personal skills such as, putting on and fastening their own coats. Putting on hats, gloves and shoes and supporting children to manage their own hygiene requirements. These skills will later make for a smooth transition to school.

Mealtimes are similar to that in Ladybirds except children will begin the process of serving some food items themselves and pouring drinks more independently. Serving food themselves has proved successful in encouraging children to try new foods and to eat more substantial portions.