Welcome to Hackenthorpe Hall.

Ladybirds Playroom

Ladybirds room follows on from Butterflies. Ladybirds is similarly a lively, happy and stimulating environment, which offers children further opportunities to explore and develop self-expression.

The room also encompasses all the continuous provision areas, along with stimulating activities built around your child’s interests. The provision supports your child to understand through logic, reasoning and free thought, enabling your child to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Mealtimes are important and made enjoyable. Here your child will become more independent, by selecting their own cutlery and pouring their own drinks with the support of staff. Choosing and selecting their own fruit for snack is also encouraged.

Children will be encouraged to eat and try a wide variety of foods and to further develop appropriate table manners.

Children will join up with older children in Dragonflies to further enhance their development and experiences.