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Charter for Quality

Hackenthorpe Hall Nursery has achieved Charter for Quality March 2013

A new parents ‘Charter for Quality’ has been launched in Sheffield to help identify quality settings for children across the city, including child minders, nurseries, play groups, schools and out of school clubs.

The charter focuses on five key areas to reflect the national Early Years Foundation Stage.

  1. A quality environment for learning
  2. Build quality progression in learning
  3. Quality partnerships
  4. Quality practitioners for learning

A range of partners have come together to produce a ‘Charter for Quality’ to inspire and influence best practice for children in Sheffield settings. The Charter sets out standards about quality and clearly states a shared vision that everyone should be working towards.

All the setting that apply for Sheffield’s Charter for Quality are assessed to ensure they meet the criteria for the award. The assessor’s report is then considered by a cross-sector moderation panel for scrutiny. This panel makes the decision about awarding the Charter for Quality Award or if the application should be deferred for re-submission.