Welcome to Hackenthorpe Hall.

Outdoor Area

We offer an exciting, safe, stimulating practical large outdoor environment, which mirrors the indoor curriculum and resources.

Our environment is the best it can be for each child to learn and explore. There are age appropriate toys, large modern climbing equipment, including a pirate ship, slides and a house.

There are sensory areas including a sandpit, water play, wildlife and mini beast areas. We also have a separate all weather surface which is used for tricycles, scooters and is ideal in providing a safe area for babies.

We see outdoor play as a vital element, to a child’s play and learning experience. The added natural elements of snow, wind and rain, only go to enhance the already excellent provision.

The Early Years are amongst the most informative in our lives and it is very important that children’s experiences are educational, fun and help build positive self-images. Outdoor play forms a huge part of this development.